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In a hurry for lunch? Be prepared so you can eat healthy & stay healthy.

STORE LESS  FAT, Prepare Meals in Advance

In a previous post I went over the importance to avoid skipping meals.

Blood sugar levels are important for overall health. Skipping meals is a recipe for failure on any weight loss program.

One the things that I have managed to do very well with is getting a nutritious meal even when I am totally zapped and/or out of time.

I by no means am perfect, we enjoy our fair share of drive through meals with 2 teenagers & a tween. But we always try to stock our pantry and frig with healthy options when in a hurry at home or on the go.

To get the protein I need, I try and have a batch of hard boiled eggs ready to go. They last around a week in my frig, safe and delicious. A pinch of salt & pepper & today some paprika, yum!

Costco® comes to the rescue for our busy family. All of the items I had for lunch today are staples at my house:

  • Whole grain tortilla chips from Foods Should Taste Good®.

  • Garlic Hummus from Sabra®.

  • Signature Spicy Pickle Chips from Famous Dave's®.

  • Organic Eggs came from Costco also!

STORE LESS  FAT, Prepare Meals in Advance

Remember to plan ahead. Skipping meals is NOT the answer to your weight loss goals. In fact, it can actually cause you to store more FAT.

Haven't you seen people who seem to be munching all the time yet they're not overweight? A common notion is "she can eat that much because she's got a fast metabolism." The reality is, SHE HAS A FAST METABOLISM BECAUSE SHE EATS OFTEN. Here's the skinny on how to STORE LESS FAT.


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