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Achoo? Immunity Soup to the Rescue!

Immunity Boost Soup Recipe

Feel a cold or flu coming on? You can either slouch on the couch while you moan and groan your way towards that second box of Kleenex and prolong the illness, or head to the kitchen for a home remedy of immunity soup. Mustering up the strength may be tough, but once you do, your body will thank you and start the healing process!

Simple Immunity Soup Recipe

An easy to make, easy to eat, soup is precisely what you need. So here's a Simple Immunity Soup recipe that will leave you with more time to rest. Full of all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to give the immune system a boost and get you back on your feet.


Simple Immunity Soup Recipe

Progresso Soup starter

Keeping it simple, I like to start with a good ole can of chicken soup - Progresso is my favorite but you can use any basic chicken soup you like.

All you need to do is pick from any or all of the ingredients and sprinkle a little of each while heating the soup - no measuring required!

Send a friend or loved one out for any missing ingredients :-)

1 can chicken soup

Garlic (powder or fresh)

Ginger (powder or fresh)

Cayenne Pepper

Lemon Juice



More Chicken if desired (canned or leftover baked possibly)

Kale (fresh or frozen)

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